Medicinal Chemistry

At SDPARC, medicinal chemistry research team is working on the discovery of novel molecules with the application as drug.

  • Contract Synthetic Organic Chemistry Research Services

    Contract drug discovery development services

    • Synthetic and medicinal chemistry
    • Library design, synthesis, purification and characterization
  • Custom synthesis and manufacturing services

    • Process development and scale-up of APIís, NCEís & Intermediates
    • Designing non-infringing route of synthesis
    • Process optimization with study of critical process parameters
    • Technology transfer with dossier
    • Cost reduction study of existing processes
  • Process Development and Scale-up
    Synthesis on Kilogram scale

    • Custom synthesis of scaffolds (> 50 g)
    • Route scouting and development of new synthetic routes
    • Evaluation and optimization of processes for scale-up
    • Assessment of critical process parameters
    • Process optimization by Design of Experiment (DOE)
    • Large scale synthesis of high value intermediates and regulatory starting materials in the kilogram scale
    • Rapid supply of APIís / New Chemical Entities (NCEís) under non-GMP for early preclinical studies
    • Hazard and process safety evaluations--DSC (ARSST and RC-1 assistance from Intertek, Mumbai for calorimetry studies
  • Our expertises

    • Amidation
    • Baeyer-Villiger oxidation
    • Bromination
    • Buchwald Amination
    • Friedel-Crafts Reactions
    • Grignard reaction
    • Lithium-Halogen exchange
    • Mannich reaction
    • Michael reaction
    • Nitration
    • Ortho-Lithiation
    • Suzuki reaction
    • Wittig reaction
    • Baker Venkataraman rearrangement
    • Homogeneous catalysis (Nayori)
  • Chiral resolutions

    • Enzyme-catalyzed kinetic resolutions of racemic esters
    • Chiral (racemic) resolutions using diastereomeric salts
  • Reactions containing hazardous chemicals

    • Borane-THF
    • DiBAL-H
    • Sodium Cyanide
    • Triphosgene