Repeated exposure studies

SDPARC is one stop point for evaluation of toxicity profile of NCEs, pharmaceuticals, herbal formulations, chemicals, agrochemicals and consumer products. A broad range of toxicity studies are carried out in a compliance with GLP regulations as well as in non-GLP environment as per OECD guidelines.

  • Sub-acute toxicity

    • 28-days Repeated Dose subacute oral toxicity study (TG 407)
    • 28-days Repeated Dose subacute dermal toxicity study in rodents / rabbits (TG 410)
    • 28-days Repeated Dose subacute parenteral toxicity study in rodents / rabbits
  • Sub-chronic toxicity

    • 90- days repeated dose oral / dermal / parenteral subchronic toxicity study in rodents / rabbits
  • Chronic toxicity